What should I do when my little one has a tough time latching on?

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It can be stressful for mummy if the LO has difficulty latching. 1) Do check if your nipple is inverted. 2) Do try different positions. LO might feel uncomfortable in the current latching position and rejecting it, 3) Keep trying and gently put your nipple to LO, it can be v challenging as my LO had also rej it previously. 4) Have you been bottle feed the bb? coz they might be used to the teat. If not, wait till bb is a little hungry and fuss a bit then intro nipple again. Do not be overly anxious as they dont drink alot. 5) Keep trying and dont give up

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Even me myself have the same issue about latching on. My little princess succesfully latching on when she was 29 days old.. Finally..

get help from a lactation consultant, this will save you frustration.