What should I do if kids keep asking us to buy things (toys or books) for them which I think it is unnecessary? For books, I can bring them to library. For toys, once 1-2 month is ok. Will they become shopaholic like me when grown up if I too control them lol?

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It was one of our parenting goals to buy only when necessary so we bought only classic books that we thought the kids would love to keep and read repeatedly. Otherwise, we will head to NLB for their wide selection of books. With the same thought for toys, my husband and I started a toy library when we charged a nominal fee of $5 for 2 weeks. We started this based on the idea to engage the short attention spans of our children with a rotation of open-ended toys that would grow with them without cluttering up their play spaces. We believe that this a smarter, more sustainable alternative to the inevitable and expensive process of children growing out of their play things. Feel free to check out ToysTribe.sg or ToysTribe FB group :)

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