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What is the preferred age for kids to learn swimming?

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Many ppl say swimming can be taught when neck stable abt 9mths old. Kids can learn swimming at abt 3yrs when they stable and most active so swimming will birn their energy n tone down a little easier to handle 😁

It’s always good to start early even if it’s just exposing them to the water. It can help them gain confidence. With proper supervision even babies with few months old can start exploring in the water :)

Hi, I would say kids can start learning from as young as 6months old. The benefit os swimming for kids can be found here: https://www.oyougu.com/what-are-the-benefits-of-swimming-lessons-for-kids/


Start early! Get them used to the water with your very close supervision when they're babies and I would recommend starting classes when they're around 3 years old.

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My dad is a swimming coach. He mentioned best is 4. But you can bring your child to the pool to let him or her enjoy water so they will not be scared. 😊

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Some of my friends brought their babies to swim when they were few months old. I didn’t as we don’t have enough manpower.

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Maybe you can also call in to check with swimming schools.

I sent my girl to happy fish when she was 11months and now she is 3.4mths able to swim. 😊

You can start them early. Check with the swimming instructors if you can.

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the younger the easier to pick up though most instructors start from 4yo

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Hi... I send my children for swimming lessons from 4 years old.