What oil or somthing like vicks can you recommend if your child have cough? My dau is g6pd so she cannot use menthol..thanks!

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No need to use oil or anything for your G6PD-deficient child, in my opinion. Just follow your doctor's prescribed medication and it'll settle her. My baby also has G6PD deficiency and as much as possible, we avoid what we can avoid and no other add-ons in her medications

You may try Vicks BabyRub. I've read that it doesn't contain menthol. Other option would be Human Heart Nature Soothing Balm. It contains Lavender and Eucalyptus and is G6PD-safe.

7mo ago

I disagree, Eucalyptus is almost chemically identical to Menthol and has the same oxigenase pathway which uses the G6P where deficient babies cannot process that may lead to hemolysis. It is much better to use a humidifier (check humidifier vs diffuser), and saline nasal drops/spray to help ease congestion.