Cure for cough & cold during pregnancy...

If you have a cold & cough during pregnancy, what are the remedies you can use at home that will not affect the baby's health? My husband told me to drink turmeric tea, is it safe & can cure my sickness ? Thanks in advance for the reply! #pleasehelp #coughandcold #sicknessduringpregnancy #homeremedies

Cure for cough & cold during pregnancy...
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Water or ginger tea..effective naman. Stay healthy sis, hirap magkasakit pag preggy kasi hindi ka pwede uminom agad ng meds.

2y ago

Salamat sa reply! Yes po umiinom aq madalas ng tubig at ng tea hehe nagsuob na din aq w/ asin para lumuwag pakiramdam ko...thank you! πŸ€—