What kind of baby carrier would you recommend for our hot sunny Singapore weather? My baby sweats very easily!

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First, reality: wearing your baby next to your body in hot weather is going to be hot for both of you. There is just no way around that! That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a baby carrier for use a warm and/or humid climate. Consider a carrier with UV protection built in, like the Moby Wrap with UV Protection or the Wrapsody Water Wrap. Consider coverage when choosing baby carriers for sunny weather. For example, ring sling tails can provide additional coverage and sun protection for your baby Consider the fabric of the baby carrier you choose. Fabrics made specifically for warm weather, like linen and mesh, are breathable and cool. 100% cotton is breathable, and therefore also a good choice. Consider a back carry over a front carry, when possible. We’re not sure of the reason, exactly, but back carries always feel less hot to us! Below, please find some options:- Maya Wrap & Sakura Bloom Linen Ring Slings Wrapsody Breeze Wraps Ergobaby Performance Baby Carriers

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Most baby carrier are hot to singapore weather. You can get single layer carriers like ring slings with breathable materials like linen, gauze, lightweight cotton and moisture wicking fabrics and light coloured carriers can keep you as cool as possible. For soft structured carriers, you can get those with vents, mesh panels and curved hourglass shaped sides will offer increased airflow i.e. ergo baby performance carriers or ergobaby sport. Just make sure that the carriers are ergonomic. You can attach a fan to your carrier like most mummies are doing. You can also dress baby and yourself lightly. Regularly take baby out of the carrier to release trapped heat and circulate air between your bodies. Babies who seem distressed or overheated in any way should be removed from the carrier and brought to somewhere cooler immediately. It is also important to keep baby hydrated.

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I agree with Stan. I have the Boba Wrap and loveeeeee it! It's not only thin and light, you can carry your baby in different variations. I got mine at the Babyfair held by Mummy Market, at about $49/$56. I can't exactly remember which because Hana Wrap is of about the same price too. Like Vanessa said, no matter what you wear, it's gonna get hot for the both of you but babies are able to regulate their body temperature and will perspire to keep cool like adults. So personally, I'll choose to bring a stroller instead if most of my trip are outdoor with my baby. Otherwise, if I'm in malls most of the time, I'll chose to wrap him so I have my hands free to shop!

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I would recommend the Tula for indoors and a ringsling for outfoors when it's really hot cos it's thinner. Tula has lots of nice designs and resale value is also high. It's really comfortable and provides good support for baby. They even have a toddler size too! Join the Babywearing Singapore facebook group to know more about the different popular carriers that singapore mums use.

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I am currently using fidella and think it's not that hot. it's just you and baby stocking together that's hot :)

I've just purchased JPMBB ring sling. Great material and Super stylish!

Try Boba Wrap. It's light and soft, perfect for tropical weather.

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I have to disagree. I have a boba wrap and it's too stuffy / hot even when worn indoors unless you're in an air-conditioned room all the time


You can consider Emeibaby :)