what do u give your baby at 6months?

What do u give your baby at 6 months and how much portion? I gave cerelac and my baby likes it. I try to give those organic puree sold outside my baby doesnt like it. I did avocado puree too but my baby doesnt likes it too. How and what shld i do?😭

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Need to keep trying! :) Before 1 year old, main source of nutrients is still breastmilk or formula milk. So if your baby starts out not liking solids, it's normal. Does your baby seem like she wants to hold the spoon? If yes, you can try baby led weaning with her whereby she eats actual solid food immediately. I tried baby led weaning and traditional weaning with my daughter and she hates to touch food, so I went ahead feeding her purees and porridge. If your baby still doesn't like the purees, you can try mixing a bit of breastmilk/formula milk to the puree. Or change the texture, instead of puree, mash the food item instead.

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