What exactly is a Wonder Week?

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Hi, thank you for your question! Dr Frans Plooij answered your question on live stream: The Wonder Weeks is a bestselling infant development book. It is based on the premise that at specific stages, all babies go through difficult periods & are characterised by the 3 C’s - Crying, Clingy, & Cranky. Out of the blue, babies may appear difficult, and parents start wondering and doubting their parenting skills. Dr Frans Plooij (co-author of The Wonder Weeks) says that nothing is wrong with your baby, it’s the leaps your baby goes through when going through development. For most parents, it is very comforting to know that it is not their parenting that causes their children to be difficult, but is indeed a result and a part of a child’s development. You can watch a recorded version of Dr Frans' live Ask The Expert Session here: https://www.facebook.com/parenttown/videos/1258235770909093/

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Basically, Wonder Weeks are developmental leaps, which happen about ten weeks in the first 20 months of a baby's life. Each wonder week is marked with a fussy period at the start and you tell when a wonder week is coming when baby display the following signs: 1) Extra clingy-ness 2) Restless sleep 3) Crankiness 4) Temper tantrums 5) Stranger identity and many more.

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Like what Yuna mentioned, it is when your baby is expected to develop mentally, and would be able to understand certain concepts.