28Weeks Pregnancy & scared (‘:

What are the chances of us getting c-sect? Honestly i do not wanna go thru c-sect but normal birth instead.

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The only chances of you getting C Section is when your baby's too huge, complications during pregnancy or when your baby's in a breech position. Meaning the head yet to turn downwards. At 28 weeks, if baby's head yet to turn downwards is normal, usually they will turn by 30 plus weeks. However, it depends on individual baby. There are mummies that do a procedure to turn baby's head downwards with the help of gynae/doctor. Some results are successful, some are not. So just pray hard, talk to baby, do a lot of movement.

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2mo ago

Ahh okay okay, cause you wrote “the ONLY chances.” and now “Of course there are a lot”..

my gynae - a/prof manisha mathur from kkh says the chances of an emergency csect is 30%, determined by 3P’s: 1) Passage - cervix not dilated etc 2) Passanger - baby position, weight, vitals etc 3) Power - this one I forgot what she said 😅 ya anw chances are 30% for emergency csect per my gynae

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