what brand of baby food maker (blender) are you using? my baby is turning 6 months soon and I'm preparing for her to start on solids. want to know what else I need to buy other than a blender. thanks!

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puree for about a month. but actually it is up to individual - some people do the porridge etc. so maybe about 7 months u can start to give v fine porridge. i am still giving mine mainly puree as we haven't finish exploring all the fruits and veg we want to try (which new food should try about 3 days to see if any allergy). u can still give puree as desert i just use a tefal hand held blender as i heard those x-in-1 is hard to wash or some even rust

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I used a normal blender for my children to make their purée when they were younger. As long as it serves the purpose of blending it into purée, it doesn't really matter which brand. I bought normal one because I can still blend other things when they outgrow. It is more practical and economical. Many of my friends bought the Philips blender. It is designed to blend baby food.

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Avent steam and blend actually is very convenient if you are planning to do puree. I find it convenient for the few months of baby puree stage. Besides blender, you will need to get high chair, bibs, bowls and plate, utensils. That's what i can think of now :)

I am using both baby bullet and avent. I find avent hard to wash but it is easier to steam and blend in the same container. I use baby bullet for big batches and they blend finer than avent.

sorry to ride on, on average how many months does LO takes puree before moving on to something else? thank you!

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hvnt try using. but i definately wil go for Avent is gd cozz 4-in-1