What is the best toothpaste for a 2-year old? My son tends to swallow his toothpaste that's why im quite reluctant to let him use regular kids toothpaste.

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I use Kodomo for my kids (2 and 4). We haven't had any teeth problems even if they consume more than enough sweets occasionally. My brothers also uses this for their kids and it works fine. I had the same problem with my daughters before. But it was not something that constant reminders and practice didn't fix. I was a nagging mom about not swallowing toothpaste. :D :p But still, I wanted to do a little research on this and actually gave the idea of organic toothpaste a chance. Most moms from forums I scanned are suggesting "fluoride-free" toothpaste, by the way, even for 2yr olds and above. I learned that children under 2 are the ones to use fluoride-free toothpastes as to prevent dental fluorosis. Most organic ones are actually fluoride-free so I suggest being keen in finding one for your child as you may be depriving him of healthy teeth. Fluoride is essential for our teeth's remineralization, replenishing its lost calcium and phosphorous. Thus, it helps stop decay process and prevents it as well as per colgat.com's indepth definition. (HNature toothpaste though is said to have "the right amount of flouride". just dunno if this "right amount" suits our kids.need further research) With the question of "Is it safe for our kids to swallow toothpastes?", I found answers over at http://www.todaysdentistry.com.au/childrens-toothpaste-question/ saying that there is no harmful effect on their body in a health sense. they are not being poisoned by it but still, it's best to spit it out for optimal "development" of children's adult teeth. here are some sites where I got bits of into about this and I suggest for you to have a quick read :D https://www.sciencenews.org/blog/growth-curve/brush-kids-teeth-just-little-fluoride-toothpaste http://www.mommyish.com/2012/03/13/my-awesome-organic-fluoride-free-toothpaste-gave-my-toddler-cavities-470/

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