at what age can i start giving sabudana to my baby?

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sabudana is a very healthy food that is rich in potassium, iron, vitamin K and even calcium. it can be a delicious and healthy meal for your little one. you can start giving sabudana around the end of 7th month or start of the 8th month. make sure you soak the sabudana in water for a few hours so that it becomes absolutely soft. initially, give it only once a week and see how your baby adjusts to it.

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i started giving sabudana to my baby around the 8th month. initially i would make a simple porridge by mixing milk, jaggery and some sabudana. after my baby turned a year old i added honey. it is loaded with nutrients and makes a very delicious and filling meal.

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You should only introduce solids after six months. As for sabudana, it’s best to introduce it after your baby turns nine months. It is also a bit heavy for the baby to digest so best to start around nine months and prepare a porridge to ease him into it.

Sabudana can be started as early as 6 months old. You can check out this article for its health benefits and what precautions to practice:

we have sabudana at home a lot, so my baby started having it around the 8th month. after the initial few times, i also started adding vegetables to it, like a sabudana khichdi.

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Idea for giving solid foods should commence minimum of 6 months but its great that if they should have it approx 1 year