Currently seeing private gynae at mount E novena.

Is it weird if I transfer to public hospital to deliver instead to save delivery cost? Cause it will be different doctors who will be assisting me during delivery already.

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I recently just told my private gynae I'm going to deliver at public hospital instead due to financial constraints. You will need to get referral letter from polyclinic & they will assist to write to the public hospital you intending to go. Bring all your antenatal medical results to the public hospital during your appt. In my 26 weeks now.

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12mo ago

no probs!

Nope, perfectly normal. I have a few friends who did that and they are quite thankful with the decision. You can go as private patient in a government hospital. Do a quick search, they are a few good and reputable ones out there. I personally would go with John Tee from KKH.

For saving purposes, you definitely can.. My first was at Parkway East.. Final cost is definitely bomb, although services is tip top.. My second is at KKH at a subsidized.. Glad because totally saved a lot of money for our usage once baby is born.. ☺️

my colleague was seeing pte gynea for her entire pregnancy. but due to complications, she choose to deliver at kk at wk 33 too. can save a lot of money, especially if there's complications

12mo ago

I see. but it will be different doctors already, does it matter? since the new one will not know the entire past record

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No is not weird. At your comfort zone. Do check the hospital and gyane fees ( normal , c sect n emergency c sect ), Medisave etc just in case.

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No not weird. Nobody Shd be judging the decisions u make.

nope. not wierd at all