Delivery at Mount E Orchard/ Gleneagle / Mount Alvernia

Dear all, Mind to share your experience of giving birth at Mount E orchard / Glene / Mount Alvernia? How's the overall experience with your gynae? Also, who will be your recommendation of gynae at this hospital (s) ? I'm considering Dr. Yeoh Swee Choo or Dr. Kowa Nam Seng at Mount E orchard. Any comments for them?

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I gave birth at Mount Alvernia. Before I decided on the hospital, I went for hospital tours with the shortlisted hospitals. This is to find out more about their charges, facilities and environment. I decided to go for Mount Alvernia because it’s a private not for profit Catholic hospital with a great peaceful environment. The nurses there were very nice and experienced. My overall experience with my gynae wasn’t so good though. She was based at Thomson Medical and she came quite late into my delivery suite though the nurses called her an hour earlier. She was not as forthcoming as I thought. I definitely wouldn’t go back to her. She was introduced to me by a relative. If you are going for Gleneagles, I would recommend Dr Tham Kok Fun. He is awesome but he only delivers at Gleneagles.

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Go for hospital tours to find out about the cost and the environment. If you like it, find a gynae who delivers there. Unfortunately for some gynae, they only deliver at the hospital that their clinic is located at.

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I have birth at Mount E Orchard. The nurses were really really amazing :)