Week 2 into the circuit breaker

How are you coping? Comment below which number you relate to ?

Week 2 into the circuit breaker
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Mother of 2 young children 2. How to work and help children with hbl without extra help? And you have a boss who Skype you a few times a day and colleagues who try to push work away? And now worse! Cannot get extra help from grandparents. Plus doing housework, work and hbl? And hubby who is super jumpy and fond of finger pointing? What can be worse ... Other than catching the virus itself?

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3. Its been alright so far. My work keeps me occupied and my son has his home based school. However I cant tell the days apart anymore and public holidays seems like just any other day...

3 - this too shall pass there is no point in getting stressed

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5! Being the introvert that I am hehe 🤣

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5. Come on, everyone! We can do this!

Trying as best as we can.

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1 hahahaha

number 4 !

2 hahaha

1 and 2