Faint line or BFP?

Week 3 day 4 - is this faint line or BFP? Really scared that this will be another chemical 😞

Faint line or BFP?
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BFP - start taking multivitamins with folic acid and choline! :) I’ve had a chemical pregnancy, then an empty sac and now I’m pregnant. Third times the charm as I’m full-on pregnant now. It’s hard not to worry that you’ll get a miscarriage again - been there but I promise you it’ll get easier with every reassuring ultrasound. If you’re a private patient, let your doctor know that you’re fearful of another miscarriage so doctor can be extra reassuring in your appointments.

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2mo ago

Thank you !!! Yes I’m week 6 in, had an ultrasound showing sac and embryo. Doc out for 3 weeks so really biting the patience to wait for ultrasound on week 8. Feeling scared that I may not hear a heartbeat but having faith 🙏🏻🙏🏻

I had faint line too when i check. to be sure, i went to polyclinic. and doc confirmed i was preg.

I think this is BFP. You should start eating folic acid already and try to test again 2 weeks after.

buy clear blue pregnancy test kit for higher accuracy.

i would say BFP

BFP for sure!