Was your first pregnancy...
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Or an accident?

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We are set to get married on July 3 2014..found out I was pregnant on February 2014.We’ve been together since 2010.Crazy right?!

Not really accidentally.. Its just surprise that I conceived that fast.. Didn't expect that may egg are excited to level up 😂

A planned accident lol.. We spoke about starting a family we just didn't think it would happen so fast

Althou my pregnancy is an accident, but i Felt that is such a Beautiful Blessing🙏

Well planned then he left me... And i found out I was pregnant now he is back....

Either. It’s a miracle because the doctor told me that I can’t conceive 🙂

Was accident! But a happy one at that!


got her after 2 years of trying.

It's was a surprise from God

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Yes, very much planned.