Is it possible to downgrade to subsidised from private at kkh? Currently 35 weeks

Was wondering if I could follow up with my gynae currently all the way till admission then choose subsidised class for delivery.

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I was a private patient at mount A, but due to pregnancy complication, my gynae ask me to go public hosp because I need to be warded 2 weeks ans induce (I was wk34 then). I warded in to sgh thru a&e and went in as a subsided patient. I am not sure whether it’s because I am a emergency case that ward in thru A&E, hence I’m able to get subsided rate . maybe you can just check directly with hospital.

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base on my understanding it's a bit too late for you to do so now. cos the date given in the referral letter from polyclinic is usually 4 weeks or more to see a gynea. you have to see a gynea 1st before delivery to go through the subsidized route.

to be under subsidised you need a letter from polyclinic. First, I think you should call kkh admission office to check if you will be able to do so after obtaining the letter.

hi! does tis mean u dun require ur gynae to be present during delivery?