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Just want to know if it's possible to get pregnant if you had a period twice a month first and las week since I am having 28 days cycle and it's consistent...last November my period came Nov 3 and we had a contact from Nov 13 to Nov 17 which was the doctor said my fertility period because we want to have a baby but came to my surprise when I've got period again last Nov 27. And after my period I am experiencing pain on my lower tummy up to the back which I only felt everyone I've got period. And sore breast as well..I have been tried pregnancy test at home several times but it's negative...I am just wondering pain continues especially when I'm tired..I am 43yers it sign of pregnancy or sign of early menupause?

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Try to do an LH Surge via LH strips to see your fertile Days..Pain can be due to many factors...better see an ob/gyn soon