Just want to hear your labor and delivery experience moms! How were you able to know that you will be giving birth na? Ano mga nafeel nyo? ?

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Twin delivery ako so schedhled cs at exactly 37 weeks and 0 days. my cs time was 6am so 4am ginising na ko and the nurse asked me to take a quick bath with this liquid that sanitizes. pag cs ko i saw may bleeding na ko. un pala i was also 4cm dilated na :) it was really meant for me to give birth that day. my bp shot up to 200/100 when i was in the OR so ang bilis ng pangyayari they delivered my babies and less than an hr nasa recovery room ako with magnesium drip to avoid seizures. it was so bad i hated the feeling kasi ang init sa katawan tapos nakakahilo. my bp didnt stabilized until gabi na. apparently nag severe preeclampsia ako that morning. anyway that was 2 yrs ago and grabe sobrang clear parin sakin what happened but all’s well now :)

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