Just want to ask, any parents brought their 8 mths old LO on a Long flight before? Can share your experience? My family and I will be traveling to France next year. My no 2 will be 8 mths old then. My no 1 traveled on plane before but it was only 4 - 5 hrs flight to Taiwan and she was older (13 mths old) then.

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Brought my 8 month old to London last year. Will help a lot if you take a red eye flight, just so they will sleep for most of the journey. A baby carrier to help ease them to sleep and a pacifier to relieve pressure to the ears. Babies are generally easier as they sleep more and their main source of food is still milk. Hope this helps and enjoy your trip!

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i did bring my baby to travel at young age twice bt flight and everything is fine.. Perhaps prepare their milk , toys and snacks just in case. Best if they can sleep through

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long flight is possible with proper planning and toys entertainement. i would use my baby carrier as a standby to coax my lo to sleep.

My sister took her child when she was young to Bali definetly not as far as you. Lucky for her baby slept throughout.