Changing If Bottle Teat

Hi Want To Ask, My 4 Months Baby Just Started No. 2 Teat Which Is For 2 Months Plus Baby Yet She Feels That The Flow Is Too Fast. She Will Not Drink Well With Teat No. 2 She Drinks With Caution, Only Sucking The Tip Of The Teat. Anyone Facing The Same Problem? Should I Not Change The Teat At All? Or Continue With Teat No. 2 Until She Gets Use To It?

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which brand are u using? some brands faster. im using pigeon, avent, tt, hegen n dr brown for my lo since birth till 1yo never changed the teat size once. reason being, when u bf, ur milk flow doesnt change because baby grow, it stay the same. lo never had issue

3y ago

I am using MAM bottle. I see thanks for the sharing!

my son also was same. but he got used to it quickly.