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My baby is close to 2 weeks old and he always take quite long to finish 60ml milk, or he would fell asleep halfway through. My PD recommend me to change a teat but I am not sure if he meant changing the brand or change to faster flow teat. I am using hegen bottle and I tried switching to 3mth teat today, baby drink it as normal and can tell he use less effort to suck. Just want to know if it’s okay to use 3mths old teat on a close to 2 weeks old baby if there is no sign of discomfort, choking or overflowing?

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Is okay as long as he is not choking or milk overflowing around his mouth. Mine also using Hegen but slow flow teat since born till now 4mths. We tried med flow teat around 3mths but overflowing so we change back since not taking long to finish

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As long there’s no signs of choking, it’s okey to be used with caution.