May i know what vitamins one should take. am 6wks preggy and only started folic acid 5mg, 3 days ago

Vitamins. folic acid. First trimester

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Months before conception I had been consuming the Blackmores Conceive Well Gold (multivit with folic acid) till I learnt abt my pregnancy. Frm then till my first gynae appt at 10 wks (it was during the CB so cldn't get an earlier appt), consumed the Blackmores Pregnancy supplements. Aft seeing my gynae, I've been on Obimin, fish oil capsules and calcium tablets. So far pregnancy been good, now waiting for baby to pop soon (:

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I only took what gynae prescribed to me. Only folic acid on 1st tri. Then 21st century pre natal multi vitamins on 2nd tri onwards + Anmum materna milk (asked my gynae 1st if it's ok to drink the milk also, she gave me the thumbs up). Best is to ask your gynae 1st cos some vitamins may not be suitable for you.

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I took the folic acid given by the hospital! I feel it's better to ask your gynae and have them prescribe it for you rather than getting it urself outside unless they asked you to. Because the gynae able to advise you .

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I had folic acid, vitamin C, sangobion and fish oil for DHA from 1st trimester until now I give birth still I continued all my vitamins

1st trimester I only took folic acid, 2nd trimester taking DHA fish oil capsule, calcium tablets and iron pill (Currently am 21 weeks)

Agree about asking your gynae - my wife's on folic acid, and now moving into multivitamins as well as calcium.

I took one pill of blackmore pregnancy supplement since the start. after week 20, then take 2 pills a day

For 1st trimester gynea only advise to take folic acid is more den enough.

For early pregnancy, just folic acid is good...