Coconut water.

Hello mommies! Can pregnant women drink Coconut Water or Tea during pregnancy?

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I heard not to drink coconut water in first trimester cause itโ€™s too cooling, I stayed away from it. But drinking it in 3rd tri is good

Coconut fcz . But on 7th months

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Last trimester for coconut was

Yes.coconut water is good when you about to giv birth

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yes, you can take in moderation.

Coconut water good for your baby . You should drink it on 7th month

yes u can

Yes you can :)

Yea not sure, but coconut very good for you baby when i was pregnant alao i drink a lot of coconut water my mom say its good for clean baby inside, n its work

Yes, you can drink coconut water. But I'm not sure for teas...