Low HCG in early pregnancy

Hi pls help urgent. I am now 6 week and 3 days pregnant but I got bleeding so I went to check up then ultrasound say cannot see baby. Did blood test but HCG level is not so good, it's low. What can I do? They say ask me to lie on bed better, tomorrow do blood test again see whether HCG level will be double or not. How?

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Sorry to hear that. Hope you are better now. Just to share my own experience. I had the same issue when i was expecting my no1. At 5th week i was bleeding too, not say alot but alot more than just spotting. I did a check with gynae and she said “could not see anything”, told me i might have “fake pregnancy”, so she prescribed some folic acid and ask me to rest well not to move too much as foetus might “not be stable”. What you can do now is to rest! The more you think the more stress you are re-enforcing your body and to your baby. Be positive and things will turn out positive too! Have faith! Jiayou winnie!

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Hi Winnie, I'm so sorry to hear this. I do not have any advice except to try to rest and relax. I'm sure it would be difficult and you are very worried, however, 6 weeks is indeed in the very early stage of pregnancy and sometimes things just happen. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and hugs. All the best for tomorrow.

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sorry to hear about it. almost similar position as you, thought i was at 8weeks, end up i at 5weeks plus then doc say cannot detect baby at all, my sac is on the larger side also. ask me go back again, but decide to just heck care wait till 8 weeks then go back. if have then good, dont have then no choice also.

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6weeks only first trimester. I only get to do ultrasound after 8weeks. See what's the doc say first. Jiayou. *Hugs*

u might want to prepate for the worst though. i was in the same shoe as u.

Unfortunately 25% of pregnancy ends up in miscarriage :(

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Hi winnie, keep up posted. You are in my thoughts today