Can a pregnant lady at week 15 do pedicure? Normal classic. Non-gel.

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Yup .. y not

I did gelish pedicure 2-3 times during pregnancy & removed it in 3rd tri

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I did. ๐Ÿ˜… But if youโ€™re almost due and going for c-sect, best to avoid. The Nurses will remove it before c-section.

11mo ago

They would like to monitor oxygen and blood flow. If your toes turn blue then itโ€™s a bad sign...they wouldnโ€™t see if itโ€™s covered.

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idk if its good or not but I avoided

Yes you can. Just don't put colour.

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I did it by myself...maybe just buy authentic products, not those very cheap products being sold at the streets.

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I did it too! Nth happen! I even do rebonding but it depends if ur parents r fine

9mo ago

Is it fine? Hair rebonding while you're on 2nd Trimester?

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yes i do during my whole trimester.

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To avoid pedicure as the nail polish contain chemicals which can be harmful to the fetus development.

Gel manicure will be a better choice than non-gel.