hey mummies to be, is it safe to go for classic medicure/pedicure (applying OPI nail polish) during 2nd trimester? thanks!

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Totally and perfectly fine. Great for mama to go for a pampering session. I personally like to go for one before I deliver too :) short and neat and clean nails for me please! :)

Hi, Yes it should be fine. It will also provide you good refreshing break as well :). Just let the person who is doing your massage know that you are pregnant

yes dear, it's perfectly safe, just let the therapist know about your pregnancy. Go and pamper yourself :)

It is safe to go for pedicure, as long as they do not massage your feet

Yes it is! I found that out from the Activities feature in the app

OMG , na papamper ko if i go manicure nd pedicure

Shd be okay!!!Q

Yes dear

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