Any gynae to recommend at Mount A hospital?

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Has to be Doctor Goh Shen li. She took great care of me during my pregnancy and delivered my first baby girl. I found Dr Goh to be very meticulous and detailed during her checks. She also encourages natural birth. Baby's gender, weight and EDD was spot on! I'll definitely go back to Dr Goh during my future pregnancies.

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6y ago

Hi cheryl :) can I check did you sign up any package with Dr Goh and do you mind to share little more on Dr Goh charges ?

Promo terbesar expert care sudah dimulai, diskon hingga Rp.100.000 sedang berlangsung di shopee, ada juga voucher diskon 100% alias gratis bagi bunda yang beruntung. Buruan cek di (id-1152)

Dr. Ho Hon Kwok or some people address him as Dr. HK Ho. He is very experienced and prompt in making decisions for mummies. He is very pro-natural too.


Dr. Ho Hon Kwok...

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Dr Ho Hon Kwok! the best!!

Dr Ho Hon Kwok

Dr goh shen li

Dr Goh Shen Li

Dr Chua Yang