Baby fair and discounts

Usually when is the baby fair or expo held? Besides the double date promos, any other gd time to buy bb stuff?

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No more baby fair or expos due to Covid. They do have some sales going on some times at Mummy's Market but it just ended few days ago I think. Can check them out but obviously shopping online is much more cheaper. Maybe you would want to check, see and touch the items you're keen to buy then buy them online. I think you wait for 12 Dec for 12.12 sales. Surely have and also the best time to buy

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Don't think there's anymore physical baby fairs due to Covid. Online baby fairs seem to be happening often now, just have to keep a look out. Checkout Mummy's Market. I bought quite a lot frm Shopee too. I snagged some gd deals at Taka sale too (gd if u hve the card).

Check out the flash sales on Shopee! Can use cashback vouchers as well so definitely cheaper than retail even if there are no sales.


preorder of baby fair online. check out shopee or Lazada promotion before purchasing.

Shopping online like on Shoppee are usually much much cheaper than gg to Expo sales.