Hello, understand walker is not good for the little one, is there any substitute to aid Lo to walk? Thanks in advance !

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Vtech Sit to stand learning walker will be ideal. It has an interactive panel though it can be quite distracting to the little one. However, the interactive panel can be removed. This walker comes with lockable back wheels and rather sturdy. You can get this at the upcoming baby fair or purchase online at https://www.lamkins.com.sg/vtech-sit-stand-learning-walker-p-1013.html or Check out this shop on Shopee! SweetPeas: https://shopee.sg/sweetpeas which gives discount upon first sign ups when you download the Shopee app and discount from seller.

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Hi indeed walkers are not recommended as they can be quite dangerous. You can consider putting baby in an exersaucer so that baby can develop her leg muscles for standing and walking. Exersaucer is much safer than walker. However is your baby crawling already? Beware of putting baby in exersaucer too early because they may develop the wrong muscles first and won't crawl first. This is what happen to one of the babies I know. Her legs will always straighten and refuse to crawl. PD said is because she was in exersaucer too early

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5y ago

I put my baby on exersaucer around 7 months. But I don't put her in for long periods initially. Her main activity then was still tummy time and learning to crawl.