36 weeks baby is so active and sharp shooting pain

Hi. Just turn 36 weeks today. I felt baby is sitting very low today and alot of movement from her almost like she having hiccups the whole day. I felt a sharp shooting pain down at my clitoris while i was walking around the house. I had to stop and breathe through the pain for a moment its almost like electric shock kinda of pain. But its lasted just a few minutes. It this normal ? Any other mummies felt this before ? If so do you know why do i feel this pain and what does it mean ? Is labor coming soon ?

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Super Mum

Hi... I had this pain too (symphysis pubis disorder), and it started much earlier, so I felt like I was suffering for months. Doesn’t mean labour is coming, but from experience, the pain will eventually go away. Mine was quite bad, and took 5 weeks after giving birth to completely resolve, but am so glad to finally have relief.

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