Giving birth before EDD

Hi mommas, Isit true that if you have histories of giving birth before edd, your next one(s) will definitely also give birth before edd? This is my #4. Im 37wks today. My #1 i gave birth at 40w1d (doc break my waterbag) My #2 i gave birth at 38wks (also doc break my waterbag). My #3, i gave birth at 39wks (my waterbag broke on its own at home).. So im actually anxious and wondering if my #4.. i will also give birth earlier than expected. Any mummies care to share your experience(s)? TIA!

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Super Mum

Hi mama! Wow number 4! Congratulations!!! I would actually go into it thinking that every birth and pregnancy is different from the previous one. Expectations I feel tend to make me more anxious and give me feelings of worry which I would much rather not concern myself with. Of course, that’s just my POV. However, do trust your instincts which is probably the best advice I’ve ever received. Take care and all the best!

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