So cravings stop after 3 months?

Is it true cravings stops after your 3rd month of pregnancy?

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No cravings for me. I wish I had. Was so looking forward to having cravings and getting my way with food. I stop eating when I was pregnant. Totally lost feeling to eat. I dont even feel hungry but I force myself to drink milk everyday. I Lost 12kg when I was pregnant. Funny that when I went for checkup Doctor said baby is very healthy even when Im not eating. So I guess its different for every pregnancy.

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Every pregnancy is different. I don't have any crazy cravings. Currently week 27 and so far I only had like 3-4 cravings 😀

Differs for everyone i guess. Some dont have cravings. Some, like me, will have the occasional craving.

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Not really. I’m still having cravings at 29 weeks 😂

No craving at all for me

Not for me


not for me