nuchal translucency thick

Today i went for routine checkup at week 12. Gynae say my NT is 4.9mm which is more than normal and he arrange me to visit him 3 weeks later and amniocentesis test few days after. I am so sad and was crying to know that my nt is thicker than normal. Anyone got any experience?

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NT scan at high risk for me too. my NIPT results turned out fine. but this means fetus is at risk for other factors not captured by nipt, eg heart defects. I’m worried sick too but i read success stories online that the NT may resolve on its on as the pregnancy progresses

3y ago

yep this is true, gave birth to a healthy baby :)

Am worried sick. Oscar results tested baby NT at 3.5mm. Took CVS and awaiting results anytime this week. Anyone with almost similar Oscar results as mine but turn out fine?

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Things may not be as bad as u think. Maybe do NIPT. I failed the routine 12 weeks check so doctor asked to go for NIPT. Just some blood test and baby turns out fine.

hi, how was your amniocentesis experience? I have thick nt result (4.7mm) thinking about going for this procedure too.. how is your baby now?

2y ago

hello mum9192, I went ahead with my doctor's advice to do amniocentesis. Result came out fine, no abnormalities (: waiting for my little girl to see the world in 3 months time!

Hi, would you be able to share more on your experience? My NT length is more than normal as well and we are very worried.

3y ago

Yes her nasal bone is clearly seen

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Hey mama, don’t be disheartened. All the best!