Nuchal Translucency and NIPT Test

Both my husband and I are below age 30 years old. I am at Wk12 and received our nipt results. Baby is at low risk. However, the NT test showed that she has thick nuchal fold abt 4.9mm. Nasal bone is present, heartbeat and fetal's growth is normal. This is very worrying and we do not want to risk taking cvs or amniocentesis. And we do not have any family history of any down syndrome cases... #pleasehelp #firstbaby

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Similar to you.. my NT was 3.5mm high risk, but NIPT low risk. Besides down syndrome, abnormal NT also has higher risks of other genetic conditions and physical structural defects, eg hole in heart. These cannot be detected on NIPT. Was super worried as this is our first too.. Was advised to do amnio and fetal heart scan. Heart scan came back normal. At first we were quite unwilling to risk it, but after much consideration we decided to do amnio for peace of mind. It depends on your personal preference at end of the day. Praying all goes well for you, please take care 🙏🏻

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8mo ago

hi mummy, i am experiencing the same issue.. how was your amniocentesis results? Believe that you've delivered, how's your baby?

Nipt results has 99% accuracy so u should be fine. Your doc should be able to tell u what u need to do next based on both results. See if ya doc suggests an amniocentesis