Do you use Tinybuds products too?

Tiny buds is one of our favorite baby brands. From their rice powder, sanitizer, in a rash and after bites, name it, we have it. How about you mommy? What tinybuds baby product do you use at home? Let me know in the comments below! #tinybudsplayhouse #tinybuds #tinybudsbaby #theasianparentph #theasianparent #tap #tapvipmom

Do you use Tinybuds products too?
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yes! bumili na agad ako bago palang ako manganak Cotton buds, in a rash, after bites, baby bottle wash, laundry liquid, fabric softener, calm tummies, baby toothgel, first toothbrush set, xylogel teething gel, rice baby powder with puff ❤