Do you use Tinybuds products too?

Tiny buds is one of our favorite baby brands. From their rice powder, sanitizer, in a rash and after bites, name it, we have it. How about you mommy? What tinybuds baby product do you use at home? Let me know in the comments below! #tinybudsplayhouse #tinybuds #tinybudsbaby #theasianparentph #theasianparent #tap #tapvipmom

Do you use Tinybuds products too?
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tinyest buddies here..from tiny buds detergent liquid, tiny buds fab con., calm tummies,happy days, sleepy time,and in a rash nappy cream..ill collect after bites and tiny buds rice powder soon.

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same here mommy and yung sleepy time at baby rice powder

I have the Tiny Buds After Bites saka Tiny Buds Teething Gel. Planning to buy this month yung pang stuffy nose just in case kailanganin, meron na din. Saka bibili din ako nung pang massage hahaha

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mula ng baby until now tiny buds user here. pero ang pinaka the best talaga para sakin ay ang calm tummies, in a rush,after bites at lighten up para sa baby ko kahit minsan ako ginagamit din.

Currently using tiny buds in a rash, after bites, calm tummies and sleepy time. Kakaorder ko lang ng rice baby powder nila. And pa-feedback naman sa rice baby bath mommies! 😊

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Yap. Tinybuds fabric softener, Tinybuds Newborn Laundry Wash , Tinybuds in a rash and insect bites, Tinybuds Rice baby powder. Planning to buy calming tummies and sleepy time naman.

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I just recently used Tiny buds toothbrush and toothpaste.okay nmn sya my son love it(he is always looking forward mgtooth brush)at ang lotion at liquid soap d ko pa nagamit

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Yes. Avid user of Tiny Buds here. I love their Talc free powder, organic wipes, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, bottle cleaner, In A Rash and After Bites. 💛

Tiny buds user here! From In a rash, calm tummies, and color violet,teether, and diaper, buds, changing spray! Super effective ng in a rash, sa rashes no baby sa face :)

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I feally love their laundry soap. Since my baby has a very sensitive skin, we want to make sure that even her clothes are 100% safe. Biola! Tinubuds provides it!!!

Laundry powder, in a rash, after bites, 3 massage oils, rice baby bath, rice baby powder, diaper changing spray, bottle wash. Super love Tinybuds ❤️