There are some stains on my 16m's teeth. How to get rid of it?

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What kind of stains does your baby have? If his/her teeth have yellow or orange stains, these may be due to build up of plaque that are stained by food debris. This usually happen when his/her teeth are not cleaned thoroughly enough. You can try removing these stain by brushing your child’s teeth with a little bit of adult toothpaste (which has stronger cleaning power). You can also consider mixing some baking soda with water, and use the mixture to help clean your child’s teeth (prepare some water as he/she may not enjoy the taste). If these are ineffective, you may want to bring your child to the dentist for a professional cleaning session. If your child’s teeth have white patches or pale brown stains, it could be due to fluorosis, caused by having too much fluoride in the mouth. Switch to a low-fluoride toothpaste and encourage him/her to spit the toothpaste out after each brushing to prevent fluorosis. If your child is taking iron supplement or multi-vitamin supplements, the iron may cause dark stains to appear. These are difficult to remove but will cause no harm to your child’s health. Discolouration or dark stains may also appear if your child had a fall (which impacted the teeth). This type of stain will usually be on the inside of the teeth and cannot be cleaned off. They appear because the nerve and blood supply to the tooth has died. For more information:

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