3 weeks pregnancy

Just tested that I’m 3weeks+ pregnant now, except that I don’t have menses now, I do not have any pregnancy symptoms, considered normal right? 😬

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every pregnancy is different , if you have symptoms that is also normal . symptoms or no symptoms is still normal ..only watch out for cramps n blood that is not normal .. anw congrats on your pregnancy! ☺️

my symptoms is only nausea and headache as i have a migrain problem before I was pregnant.. thank god I can still eat ... different people go through differently.. congrats momma..

Everyone pregnancy is different. I am 34 weeks and haven’t had any morning sickness or cravings. Fatigue, yes tho! U don’t need symptoms for a healthy pregnancy. Congrats mama!

Congrats mama! Personally I didn’t feel any symptoms until I was 8 weeks (that’s how I found out I was pregnant). Don’t worry about it ☺️

Yes, my terrible morning sickness (or u can call it all day sickness) set in when I’m in my week 6-7. Couldn’t take in any food at all.

It’s normal. I don’t have any morning sickness as well except extreme fatigue in my early first trimester. I am 14 weeks now.

Normal… not everybody will have symptoms. Some people don’t even have morning sickness. My symptoms set in around week 6-7

congrats 😊 it’s normal hehee. i only have symptoms from week 12 onwards 😂 some mummies don have any symptoms at all.

some people has no symptoms, so it's normal.. time to plan for polyclinic/gynae visit 😊 congrats !!

yes, i didnt realize i was pregnant aswell .. my symptoms came during my 7-8weeks