Teething wafers vs teething rusks... 1) what's the diff? are they safe? won't they choke? 2) which did you get for your LO? why? 3) what brand would you recommend? 4) when did u start offering these to your baby? Abt the same time you started with solids? thanks!

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1) ingredients used are different. Wafers/biscuits are meant for snacks. Rusks are meant for baby to gnaw on. They are safe. No, they will not get choked as they are supposed to melt when come into contact with fluid for wafers. As for rusks, they are very very hard, it substitutes as a teether so one piece can last for a long long time. 10mins into gnawing, it probaby will still be at the same length. 2 & 3) Both. Initial phase if weaning af 6 months I gave rusks for a couple of times till baby learns how to grip, put into mouth and gnaw. After baby got used to it and starts throwing it away, it's use is as good as gone. After this phase at about 8months then I started to give teething wafers/biscuits. 3) Go for whichever is available easily for you. Want Want Babt Bites is cheaper than other brands available in the supermarket, Mothercare and Kiddy Palace. Choose the brand which has the lowest sodium levels and less chemical and flavouring composition.

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Many thanks for sharing and enlightening! Much appreciated :)