When did you suspect you were pregnant?

Comment below when did you realised that you were pregnant ??

When did you suspect you were pregnant?
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didn't suspect. went to doc thinking sth was wrong with me because 5 months missed period (irregular period didn't think it was possible to get pregnant anymore due to 2 miscarriages), took pregnancy test in case. positive. went to gynae thinking i was only 1-2 months pregnant, turns out i was alr close to 6 months 😅

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When my tcm asked me to monitor my basal body temperature, then I realise my temperature keep increasing even is due for menses. So tested n is positive

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When the polyclinic doctor asked me pregnancy related questions when i went to check on my terrible cramps

Frequent trip to the toilet. I have an instinct to buy the preggy kit and voila I’m positive!

When i had to do an xray for my wisdom tooth. Then i realised i missed my period.

when i felt a kick in my tummy while watching netflix, at 24weeks haha

When my boobs feel different than usual pre-period boobs

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When I haven’t got my menses for 2 months

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When my period was late for two weeks...

Missed period + frequent urination