The stringent tobacco laws in Singapore are effective.

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The stringent tobacco laws in Singapore are effective.
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Is education and mindset that matter. I was impressed by the people in one of the countries I visited. They smoke at open space and threw the cigarette butts in their personal pouch or smoke at indoor smoking room, which located at the corner of the mall/hotel. They will automatically dismount and push their bikes at restricted areas such as traffic lights and certain pedestrian path. In Singapore, cyclists will just ride through.

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i personally think its not stringent enough..those smoking in their units at their window is so annoying! they can smoke at home, but close the window and dont pollute your neighbor's house!

No it’s not, past some point you’re going to create a black market. The key is to change the culture

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No, but still better than some other countries. Just hope people will smoke away from kids.

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No. People are still smoking and taking their masks off

I think it's heading in the right direction.

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Still better than some other countries

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Hope one day no one smokes

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Nope. So many law breakers

They’re working.