Do you still take malunggay capsules? I take twice a day. My baby is 14 months now and I'm still finding ways to keep my milk supply up?

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Yes I still do, kapag there are times na feeling ko humihina yung supply ko. Nag-tatake ako ng malunggau capsule kaagad para makabawi. Tapos sinasabayan ko ng mga foods na nakakapagpa-boost ng breastmilk :)

Yes, I think that's just fine if you want to continue having more milk supply. But I personally don't take any supplements anymore. I only took malunggay capsules for 1-2 months and the supply has been stable for 3 years now. Just continue to latch and have more fluid intake.

Taking malunggay capsules is also the same with eating veggies daily to enhance the milk supply. Pwede naman yang ituloy tuloy if gusto mo. Ako kase puro kain lang ng gulay.

I don't anymore since I have abundant milk supply. More than a month lang ako nagtake ng supplements, and now more than 4 years na, my supply can still feed 2 toddlers.