husband wants to have sex everyday

sorry if it sounds too vulgar, but this is what I've experienced. Hopefully, someone can respond... Since I got pregnant, for some reason, my husband seems to be more aroused. He always wants to have sex almost every day. I've said, "Maybe not every day... I'm worried something might happen to our baby," but he always says it'll be slow, and he also wants to make the most of the time before I can't anymore (meaning after childbirth, I'll definitely need to recover and focus on taking care of the child for a while). I had a little bleeding once, and we went straight to the hospital. The doctor suggested reducing the frequency of having sex. It was reduced for a while, but a week later, it happened again... I'm confused about how to handle it. He seems a bit selfish... but on the other hand, I understand he needs it. What should I do, parents?

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Ya he is selfish. Isn't he worried about the safety of the baby since you had already bled once? Seems like sex to him is more important than the safety of the baby. Maybe you can suggest foreplay and he can masturbate himself on certain days.

I’m kind of disgusted by his actions. You do know that you have a say? Women are not tools. Being married doesn’t mean the wife has to fulfil every sexual request. Pregnancy is already tiring and stressful. Have some respect for you.

have a heart to heart talk with him. tell him your concern and ask his concern about sex. give him some alternative. such as alternate foreplay and sex.

Selfish, only think about himself and not the ehalth of you and baby. Knock some sense into him, he can die without sex for a day?

Honestly he selfish for thinking for himself u shoujd not have sex with him since ur bleeding it could cause miscarriages

I guess there are other ways of having sex other than penetration...