Should i put my baby in ifc and go to work or should i takecare of her myself till she is older? Which option enables her to learn and developed more?

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I think to me, take care of her yourself till she's older. Babies dont stay babies forever. You cn teach her earlier too. I feel that baby cn learn more and have more quality time with you. Youve carried her 9mths plus and then let her be shaped by others, feels like alil wasted. That is to me personally. I'd teach the initial skills myself. You may wanna look up Jady A. youtube channel for home learning activities to do with child. When she is alot bigger then maybe you cn send her to presch to learn interacting with friends. For now, enjoy the time together. But still, every mum knows their kids best. So it's up to you eventually 😊

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If u can afford not to work, stay at home take care your baby. I send my boy to IFC at 4 months, cause I want him to have more exposure and interact with others. There are things that we are unable to teach him at home cause we are not train to.