Should i allow my 3 wk old baby sleep alone in his cot and in his own room? Or should a caregiver sleep with him in the same room?

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There are different schools of thought and it depends which you identify with. Some say co-sleeping is good as it helps the child to feel secure. Others say sleeping on his own will help the child to be more independent. That said, my girl has been sleeping on her own in her own room (without night light) since she was born. She did co-sleep with her grandparents for a while for naps but I stopped that when she was around 10 months old. I have a baby monitor so I can hear her when she cries. I don't immediately go into her room when she first stirs from her sleep at night and cries. Just wait for awhile. Most of the time she can find her chou chou pillow and go back to sleep. Occasionally she will continue crying and that's when I go in to pat her. Unless she continues crying even with the patting then I will pick her up.

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