It seems like everyone is bringing their children to all the fun activities during weekends and school holidays.. are there homebody parents around who just want to stay at home with their kids?

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Well, if you are a Stay home mom like myself i would love to take the kids out. On usual days, everything is so routined. We need some fun too you know. Whereas if I'm a working mom, i would love and die to stay home. (Provided i can sleep)

I love to stay at hm wif my kid too.. Nowadays, everywhere is crowded... Holiday period is worse.. I rather stay at hm. If i really wanna go out, i will juz bring my child to the neighborhood shopping centre.

Me! I'm staying home with the kids. My family dreads going out during the holidays Everyone will be out, it would be too packed.

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I prefer staying home during school holidays. HFMD risk is so much higher! I rather stay safe!

i love bringing them out. weekends are the only days where i have time to bring them out.

Yes I am bringing my boy not because I love crowd its because he needs exposure.

I went to Seletar Mall for the robocar poli show. wasted my time.

5y ago

how was it?

It was so lousy!