Having Vomiting Sensation

Hi All, This Is My Second Month Of Pregnancy, I Am Always Having This Vomiting Sensation, Is It a Normal Thing, Should I Go And Consult Doctor Regarding This, Is there any Home Remedies to fix this Problem.

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Yes, Nausea is very common specially during first trimester. Luckily I never threw up but always had this feeling that I'm going to 😂 Try having small meals at regular interval. Have lots of liquids and keep ginger handy. Smelling ginger helped me a lot. All the best!

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Yes, it is normal. The gynae can prescribe you with medication to help with the nausea. For me, I just tried eating smaller meals to help me with it.

Totally normal to have morning sickness especially in first trimester. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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normal... hope ur gynae can help you relieve some of the sensation... take care 💕

Hav some ginger .. it’s helped me a lot

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