Diclectin - anti vomiting drug

Hi Have been having nauseous and vomiting since day 1 of pregnancy. Now I am into my 15 weeks of pregnancy. I have been prescribed a drug called Diclectin by gynae. Has anyone experienced taking this drug. I was told by gynae that it is relatively sage to consume throughout pregnancy. Any comments or feedback from anyone about this drug, diclectin.

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Hello! Am currently in my week 13, and I started taking in my multivitamins dilectin for my MS. So far it has gained my appetite and helped me withstand strong smells! Even though I am still eating 5 meals a day, but every 2 hours I will find myself hungry instead of forcing myself to eat. The nausea and vomiting has stopped for me. Although it’s very drowsy for me. I can sleep through 12 hours nonstop and in the afternoon still feel sleepy 🥲

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Hello mummy to be! I was previously on this med for my whole first trimester but tbh it doesn’t have much help on me. As I still feeling so nauseous everyday 24/7. But because it was so expensive, I still decided to continue taking it together with sour plums and I ended up feeling much better with sour stuff.. It’s a pretty common medicine for gynae to prescribe this btw.

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Im at week8 now. Morning sickness getting worse. I was also being prescribed with this medication. It didn’t really help much. Instead it made me super drowsy and uncomfortable, not sure if you felt the same too after taking this medication.

i was given another type of medicine to help with ny nauseous but to be honest it doesnt help at all .. i just deal with it (cry almost every other night because it was so exhasuting) and got better in my 2nd trimester ..

I felt like this expensive drug did not help much except made me very very drowsy ... I had to go a GP to get Maxolon tablets to stop nausea and vomitting. this medicine was way cheaper and more effective

Hello! I took this too as I had very bad nausea and vomiting. Took two every night till w22 and it kept me stable. On nights I don’t take, I ended up puking :/ gotta see if it works for you!

tried it for two weeks, on and off. it helps with my morning sickness but makes me really drowsy at work so I stopped and dealt with the nausea using other methods instead.

hello. u can try to take 1 pills instead of 2 n see if it works out for u. i was prescribe 2 bottles of it but i didnt even consumed all as i rarely have morning sickness

Without Dicletin I can't function at all. It stopped my vomitting but I still feel nauseous on and off. No drowsy effect for me. I am 22 weeks and still relying on it.

Thanks ladies! Your feedback have given me some comfort. Hope I can get over the nauseous and vomiting soon and don't have to rely on the medication. All the best